80s Karaoke


I bought a portable karaoke machine for Carina’s birthday, along with a two-disc set of 80s karaoke discs. It’s marginally depressing that all the other karaoke discs were either country or religious.

The twins have been having fun with the machine since the moment we opened it. Tyler loves to crank up the echo when she sings. She’s also taken quite naturally to belting out a song in thrash vocal style if she flounders on the proper style. It’s adorable to watch her growling along to “Our house”. Tayler’s a little more timid about it, and will often simply speak the lyrics on the screen rather than take a shot at singing them incorrectly.

I took a shot at “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer. About halfway through Tyler’s eyes lit up as she finally recognized the tune. She blurted out “Addicted to Spuds!” It pleases me beyond words that my kids enjoy Weird Al as much as do!

Now I need to practice (a lot!) if I want to be able to do a passable job of “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister.

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