We have a bumper sticker on the back of our car, just under the license plate, that reads “I love source code”. This sticker has been on the car for several years, and the only person ever to comment upon it was Duffy, who simply said “You guys are dorks!”

Last night while driving about, a car behind us started honking, then pulled up next to us in the adjacent lane. I was at first worried that there might be some kind of problem. The driver of the other car had his window rolled down. He gave us a big thumbs-up and shouted to us “I, too, love source code!” Carina and I both laughed heartily. I returned the thumbs-up, and smiled broadly at the fellow.

The kids spent the weekend at their biological father’s again, so Carina and I decided to get out of the house for a bit. Carina loves to sing karaoke, so we went to Fat’s, where I used to go every Saturday to watch my buddy Brett sing. It was a very different crowd from the last time I had been there, though I did see a few familiar faces – and Michael F’ing E. was still hosting.

Early in the evening a young guy sang the Banana Boat Song.

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