April Fool's Follow-Up


So yesterday’s post, Goodbye Habari, was clearly an April Fool’s joke. Owen let me in on his plans for ForkPress late Friday night. When I was done laughing out loud, I asked if I could help him. We quickly concocted the K3 theme, and then the bbqPress forum package. I’m pleased with how well our joke was received. A few folks looked like they fell for it pretty early on, but most people took it in good spirits. I particularly enjoyed Andy's sense of humor about the whole thing.

All of these sites are running Habari (and in the case of bbqPress, it’s also running bbpress, the package it’s spoofing). Owen’s running ForkPress on his own, and I’m running K3 and bbqPress on the same server that drives skippy.net. Both of my fake sites are running from a single installation of Habari, taking advantage of the multisite support built into Habari. Here’s the directory structure:

habari/user/sites/bbqpress.com habari/user/sites/bbqpress.com/themes/bbqpress habari/user/sites/getk3.com habari/user/sites/getk3.com/themes/getk3

Of course, K3 is merely K2 with a 500px header. And the bbqPress theme is merely a different set of colors from the ForkPress theme. If you’re just getting started with Habari, feel free to study these for template examples. k3_theme.zip bbqpress_theme.zip (Note that the images are excluded from the bbqPress theme archive because they were not licensed for redistribution in this way.)

All in all, this was a fun way to officially launch Habari. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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