Asterisk@Home: Now What?


As I mentioned, I bought a 300GB hard disk some time ago. I finally installed it tonight, and on a lark installed Asterisk@Home, thinking I’d fiddle with VoIP for a bit.

So I installed it, and was left thinking “Now what?” The installation isn’t immediately useful, and frankly I was a bit disappointed. The claim “you can get a working Voice over IP PBX with all the latest add-ons in less than an hour!” may be technically true, but to be truly servicable, I think it’ll take more than an hour. The handbook looks thorough, but I’m just not motivated enough tonight to slog through it all.

I don’t think I need (or even want) the SugarCRM bundled with Asterisk@Home. Is plain ol’ Asterisk easy enough to use that my time spent learning just it would prove more productive?

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