Beggar's Night 2005


The twins really enjoyed trick-or-treat this year. Their complementary costumes garned a lot of fun comments from the folks passing out candy, and the girls mostly enjoyed it. About halfway through Tyler confided that she was getting a little tired of everyone saying “An angel and a devil! How cute!”. Later she also complained (rather loudly, as she left someone’s porch) that she didn’t really like trick-or-treat because some people pass out yucky candy.

They each collected an enormous pile of candy. In years past, our neighborhood hasn’t been that great for candy collection; but this was certainly a banner year. It reminded me of my own days trick-or-treating, when I’d fill up a large pillow case with the good stuff. The neighborhood was bustling with families, and everyone was in a good mood.

Last year I stayed home to dole out candy while Carina took the kids out trick-or-treating. This year I took the twins out for the first hour, and returned home to switch with Carina after an hour. I received a lot of praise for my hat:

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