Best Laid Plans


I forced myself to go to bed early last night, as I had promised myself I would. I had been growing incresingly sleepy as I read Harry Potter, and decided to just stay on the love seat and zonk out.

That didn’t work so well, and after a restless half hour I migrated to the larger sofa, where I was able to doze off for a bit. I awoke with a start, for discernible reason, and decided to retire upstairs to my bed. Tayler was curled up in there already, fast asleep. I slept a little, waking after a bit to search for, and plug in, a fan. It’s hot upstairs, even with the air conditioning.

I woke up again, this time to the sound of the ringing of the telephone. I had left the cordless handset downstairs, so I stumbled down to answer. It was Carina, calling at 1:30 AM PST (4:30 here, thanks) to say that they’d had a flat tire, and that the spare tire was also flat. She wanted to know what the AAA phone number was. I stumbled back upstairs, rummaged through my wallet, and blearily read the 800 number to hear. Thinking back now, I realize that I forgot to give her our account number. I hope AAA was able to look it up.

I tried for about 20 minutes to fall back asleep, but just couldn’t do it. I had woken up enough to talk to Carina that I was up for the day. I plodded back downstairs and read several more chapetrs of Harry Potter before preparing for work.

Looks like it’s going to be another long, sleepy day…

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