Blood and Brains


I donated blood last Thursday for the first time in a long time. I used to donate to the Red Cross every eight weeks – literally every eight weeks. See, I have O Negative blood, which makes me the universal donor. The Red Cross loves me, and they would call me every six weeks in order to schedule my next donation just as soon as I was permitted to donate again. A few years ago I was sick on the day of my scheduled donation, so I couldn’t give blood. I rescheduled my appointment, but was ill that day, too. I must’ve forgotten to reschedule, and then shortly after that I moved. The Red Cross lost track of me.

OSU sponsors blood donation events pretty regularly. I’d meant to participate sooner, but failed to do so for various reasons. I finally forced myself to clear some time and to get down to the Red Cross’ portable donation center. I had to answer a bunch of questions, since it’d been so long since my last donation. It took longer to prepare the paperwork than it did for me to actually donate blood! But then, I’ve always been a fast bleeder, and the nurse tending to me expressed genuine surprise when he realized I was done so soon.

Now that the Red Cross as my updated contact information, I know that I’ll be getting regular calls from them.

This afternoon I took an online Meyers-Briggs personality test. I’ve taken many of these tests before, and I always get the same result: INTJ. I suppose it’s good that I’m consistent in my results, as it makes me better trust the results of each subsequent test. The detailed description of INTJ was very thorough – much moreso than many of the summaries I’ve read from prior tests – and very closely describes how I perceive myself.

Carina’s personality result was pretty much what I expected it to be. We make a good compliment to one another. I’m glad we’re married.

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