Camping Trip #2


We took our second camping trip of the year, this time to Old Man’s Cave. The overall campground was considerably nicer than our first camping trip, but our actual campsite was actually a tad worse: we had an extremely uneven campsite with no really suitable place to pitch our tent! Storm clouds loomed ominously over us for the entire drive up, and I felt it was a real race against the clock to get set up before the rain hit. Luckily we succeeded, and almost right in time. It rained hard through the night, and a bit of water got into our tent, making Tyler’s sleeping bag a little damp in the morning.

Saturday we enjoyed breakfast pastries (or “Parp Tarts” as the kids continually mis-pronounce them!), and coffee. We opted for instant coffee this time, but unfortunately all Carina could find in the store was flavored fru-fru coffee. Our tin cups weren’t big enough to mix a strong enough cup, so Carina and I were both slow to wake. We walked to the camp store for a map, and then made our way to Old Man’s Cave, proper. The hiking trails are extensive, and absolutely gorgeous. We walked quite a ways, marvelling at the enormity of the trees and rocks. Everywhere we looked made for a great photo (provided I could keep still!).

We stopped back at camp for lunch, and then drove over to Ash Cave. It was huge, and we all had a great time walking about. Just about when we decided we were done, loud thunderclaps announced the approach of a new storm. It was about a quarter mile from the cave to the parking area, and the sky grew darker with every step we took. As we came within 50 feet of the car, we heard the rain’s pounding approach. We all piled into the car just as the downpour overtook us! Afraid of what our campsite might be like in the deluge, we just drove around – slowly – in the rain. We considered going to a restaurant for dinner, instead of back to the campground, but never found anything. Eventually the storm petered out, and we went back to our soggy campsite. Thankfully only a little water got into the tent. Carina – bless her – let me nap while she took the girls to the camp pool for quick dip.

The poor weather marred our spirits, and we were all a little grouchy and short tempered with one another. The girls went to bed unhappy, and Carina and I tried to unwind in the silence after they fell asleep, without much success.

Sunday morning, after packing up, we went to Rock House. Again, we were simply amazed at the enormity and absolute beauty of the place. I’d love to go back.

We learned a lot from this camping trip. I think we’re seriously considering the purchase of a portable stove, rather than struggling with a campfire. Of course, once we start down that path of convenience, it’ll only be a matter of time before I’m eyeing a camper!

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