Comedy Latency


Matt just discovered the best blonde joke ever, which reminds me of my own recent discovery of comedy which everyone else has seen.

I watched Red vs Blue for the first time ever the other night. Mike loaned me the first two seasons, and it was laugh-out-loud funny. I really should have watched it before now. If you’ve not yet seen it, give it a try.

Likewise, I finally saw the Chronic(WHAT?)cles of Narnia bit from Saturday Night Live that popularized the “Crazy Delicious” phrase. It’s definitely worth watching.

And finally, Carina and I watched some of the British comedy “The Office”. It’s equal parts funny and annoying, which makes it hard for me to give it my undivided attention for anything more than a few minutes. Carina liked it an awful lot. I did quite enjoy seeing Martin Freeman, as my only familiarity with him to date is his performance as Arthur in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (which we still have from Netflix, and which the twins still watch, despite having watched it twice (sometimes thrice) a day for the last week and a half!).

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