Daily Commute


Last week, in preparation for my walk to work, I strapped some additional traction onto my shoes in order to help me traverse the ice and packed snow. As usual, I donned my snow pants, heavy winter coat, gloves, and a hat. I walked hunched over, to keep the warmth of my breath close to my chin and exposed cheeks.

This morning I donned only a light jacket, and even that proved a bit stifling as a result of the strong pace I set for myself. I walked with my head held high, and enjoyed the damp coolness of the morning. Without an audiobook to enjoy, I listened instead to the sounds of the songbirds, of which there was no shortage.

Last week my eyes looked down at the dirty white ice and gray snow. This morning my eyes scanned side to side looking at the green grass and the brown earth that was now exposed. I won’t be so bold as to say “Spring has sprung,” but I am glad that the daily commute should only get more comfortable from here on out.

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