Several weeks ago I learned about Best Friends Forever, and which girls at school said they wanted to be BFF with someone else only to turn around and not play with their BFFs at recess. The horror.

Just when I thought I had a handle on these social complexities, Tyler introduced a new twist. I was playing The Ungame (the original 1970s version, mind you, not this fancy-looking new version!) with the twins. It was Tyler’s turn, and her card asked her the thought-provoking question “What do you think your friends say about you when you’re not around?” Tyler thought for several moments, and then astounded me with a mature, reasoned, insightful answer. I completely forgot what she said, though, when she said that one of her friends promised her that she’d be “DDBFF”.

“What’s DDBFF?” I asked.

“Deep down BFF,” Tyler replied calmly, as she passed the die to her sister.

I’m still trying to figure out what characterizes the difference. It might involve sitting with one another at lunch in addition to playing at recess. If I find out, I’ll post here…

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