Emotional Range


This was something of an exhausting weekend. Friday night we drove up to Niles, OH to spend the night. A quick stop at Carina's grandfather’s house, then ostensibly a good night’s rest at the hotel. Instead I stayed up until 2 AM playing Icewind Dale II.

Saturday morning we went to Poland, OH for a grave-side memorial service for Carina’s grandmother on her dad’s side of the family. As I understand it, there was some bad blood between Carina and her grandmother about a decade ago. Due to a variety of reasons, Carina never really got the reconciliation she wanted, so the funeral service was particularly hard for her. The cemetery itself was beautiful, and the service and luncheon afterwards were quiet, and respectful. It was nice for me to meet Carina’s relatives on that side of the family – none of whom I had ever met before.

After lunch, we drove back to Columbus in time for a quick nap, and then we were off to the Whetstone Park of Roses for the wedding ceremony of our friend Dilya. Dilya came here from Uzbekistan several years ago to study volunteer management with my mom. She’s a wonderful young lady, and made quite a lot of friends while she was here, including one amorous young man with whom she struck up a relationship. After a somewhat protracted courtship, he finally proposed, Due to various visa and visitation issues, they were unable to get married until just last weekend. That didn’t stop him from traveling to Uzbekistan for a wedding ceremony there, with her friends and family!

It was a beautiful wedding, and the reception afterwards was fantastic. It was a real treat to see the couple so happy together. Since Dilya’s family couldn’t come, she asked my dad if he would walk her down the aisle, and give her away on behalf of her biological family. Dad was honored, and beamed with pride as he walked next to her. Mom would have been elated at the wedding: she was very fond of Dilya.

We stayed late, and got home way past the twins’ normal bed time. Carina freshened up and then dashed off to Brooke’s bachelorette party, from which she came home around 4AM. I don’t know how she did it: I was zonked out on the couch minutes after sitting down, and only reluctantly crawled myself into bed when I awoke with a stiff neck! I know Carina came home at 4, because she rang the doorbell when her key wouldn’t open the door, so I had to stumble downstairs to let her in.

Sunday was spent lazing about the house. Both of the twins had playdates with friends, so we were able to enjoy a little peace and quiet. All in all it was a good weekend, but it was emotionally draining. I don’t really recommend packing a funeral and a wedding into the same weekend.

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