Fall Fell, 2007


I consider today the first official day of fall: I wore a jacket to work for the first time this morning. Even though it’s supposed to warm up through the week, I now consider it official Autumn.

Our weekend was a lot of fun. The kids’ soccer game that was scheduled for Saturday was rescheduled to Sunday, so we took the opportunity Friday night to stay up (much) later than normal with the kids. Kelly invited us over for lasagna, and Tom shared some of his homebrew. Both were wonderful. The twins were engrossed by The Disney Channel inside, so the adults spent the bulk of the evening outside chatting.

Saturday was spent cleaning the house in preparation for another movie party. We had a slightly smaller crowd this time, so the riffing wasn’t quite as side-splittingly funny as last time; but a good time was had nonetheless. We watched the original Ghostbusters, and I don’t think Rick Moranis’ character of Vince Clortho ever received such scrutiny!

I experienced several moments of synchronicity this weekend. Friday at work, I requested the song Pablo Picasso from Pat Radio, the internet radio station I listen to through most of the work day. I was first introduced to that song by Pete, in the version included on the “Repo Man” soundtrack. On Saturday, Amie was speaking about “Repo Man” for some reason, and couldn’t remember the name of the film. She did remember the soundtrack, and mentioned Pablo Picasso. Similarly, Friday evening Tom and I spent quite some time talking about the movie “The Descent”, and it came up again for conversation with Amie on Saturday. There was at least one other conversation item between Tom and I on Friday that was repeated on Sunday by someone else which really caught my attention. Blast that I can’t remember it now!

Sunday was a lazy, restful day. The soccer game was rescheduled, so we were able to stay home all day. There were plenty of things that needed my attention, but I didn’t feel particularly guilty about ignoring them: OSU classes resume on Wednesday this week, and I expect to be working nearly non-stop between now and then. So getting in a little preemptive slacking will hopefully help me keep my sanity in the days ahead.

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