Flying Solo


Carina, exausted from our family vacation, left for a week-long hiatus, visiting family in Florida and then a friend in California. She just called to say she’d gone snorkelling today, and saw tons of fish.

Carina’s mom took the twins to her place last night and tonight; leaving me all alone in the house!

Last night was blissfully quiet. I enjoyed a quiet dinner by myself, and then stayed up way too late reading almost half of the new Harry Potter book. Tonight started out much the same, with me making a nice big dinner of just what I wanted (no whining from anyone!). After starting a quick load of laundry, I had just settled in to watch a movie when Mike called. I invited him over, and he’s here now, taking advantage of my high speed internet access (the poor fellow only has dialup!).

I’m extremely thankful for this chance to unwind; and I know Carina is, too. We’ll definitely need to find a way to thank Carina’s mom!

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