I saw Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy this weekend. I took Tyler with me, because she was a little irritable, and would benefit from some time away from her sister.

I hadn’t read any of the spoilers for the movie, but I had just finished listening to the original BBC radio production that started the whole phenomenon. As such, I think I was a little better prepared for the movie than I might have otherwise been. I dearly love the books, and can quote large tracts verbatim. I knew that the original radio show was remarkably different in content (and marginally different in tone), because I’d received the trasnscripts as a gift at one point. It’s been ages since I’d read the trasnscripts, but only a couple years since I last read the novels, so I’d pretty much forgotten just how different they are. And of course, hearing the radio production is a remarkably different experience from reading the transcripts.

On the whole, I enjoyed the movie; even though there were some bits about which I wasn’t entirely pleased. It was a fair adaptation; though not a verbatim translation of the story from page to screen. What they changed (or added, as may have been the case) largely worked. Tyler quite enjoyed it, as I thought she would. She particularly liked Marvin.

I dug out my old copy of The More Than Complete Hitchhikers Guide last night and started reading it to the family as a bed time story. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it, and we’re all looking forward to the entire tale.

And now, I need to dig out my old copy of the Infocom Hitchhiker’s game…

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