Habari Party 2009


The Habari community has been discussing for some time an event at which we can all meet one another in person, work a little bit on Habari, help new users learn about our little project, and get to know one another better in a more social context. To that end, we’re planning Habari Party 2009 to take place on Saturday, September 12 in lovely Columbus, Ohio. I’ve secured the Downtown Technology Center as a venue for us, and I’m looking forward to meeting some good friends for the first time. We plan to have Habari-specific discussions and activities in the morning and early afternoon, followed by dinner and drinks somewhere nearby.

We’d like to make this event open to the general public, but we’re not entirely sure how to do that. So I’m looking for feedback from the broader blogging community. If you’re not currently using Habari for your blog, what sort of events might encourage you to attend our little party? Would you like in-depth walkthroughs of Habari features? Would you like to see Habari installed and configured, with explanations of the process along the way? Would you like the opportunity to speak directly with Habari developers about the features you desperately want from a blogging platform?

If you’re a developer, would you be interested in learning how Habari works under the hood? Would you like to discuss plugins and how to write them? Would you like to engage core Habari developers about those aspects of your current solution that are overly complex, in order to influence Habari’s future development in your favor?

If you’re a themer, what sorts of conversations would you like to have with the Habari community?

Habari is much more than just a blogging tool. It truly is a rich community of passionate users. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know people in the Habari community, and I want very much to share that experience with others. Please leave a comment with suggestions for things that might entice you to attend Habari Party 2009, so that we can include you in our community!

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