Happy Christmas


We had a lovely dinner with my parents last night, followed by some Christmas Eve gift opening. The twins had a great time, and good cheer was all around. We wrapped up the evening with a couple of cut-throat games of Uno. We got the twins to bed just shy of ten o’clock.

They were both up at four thirty. To their credit, they tried valiantly to go back to sleep for about twenty minutes, before giving up and asking if they could open gifts. So at ten to five, we ripped into the presents! Everyone got stuff they had asked for, plus a few nice surprises to boot. I developed a pounding headache, so went back to bed for a bit. Now we’re all just puttering around: Tyler’s playing a GameBoy game; Tayler is building a house from the cardboard scraps; and Carina is fooling around with her new laptop. Tayler has asked for some creative consultation in her house building efforts, so it’s time for me to get off this computer!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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