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The twins have been calling me “dad” for some weeks now. We’re all slowly getting used to the use of the term: after all, I’ve been “Scott” to them for two years. I’ve tried hard to make sure they know that I’m not trying to supplant or replace their biological father, and for the most part I think they understand. We’ve discussed adoption, and both girls have said that they want me to adopt them. It’s been our understanding that their biological father would prevent any such effort, and since we need his consent we resigned ourselves to the fact that it wasn’t likely to happen. It was a major victory for us when Carina was able to get the girls’ last names legally changed to her’s, for example.

The twins spent the day with their father today. I was a little apprehensive because we never quite know what will happen there (what bad habits they might pick up, or what less-than-stellar choices will be made: for example, they watched “Big Daddy” today – not a bad movie in itself, but not a movie I recommend for six year olds!). Shortly after Carina left to pick them up, the phone rang. I answered to hear a delighted Tyler exclaim “Guess what! You can ‘dopt us!!”

Appearantly the kids asked their father if I could adopt them, and to our immense surprise he consented. He told Carina that the kids have nothing but positive things to say about me, and after all Carina had married me.

/me picks jaw up from floor.

I am so jazzed! I have no idea what all’s involved, nor do I have any idea how long the whole process will take, but I am super excited!

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