Hershey, PA


We stuffed the kids in the van Friday after school and drove to Hershey, Pennsylvania to visit Carina's aunt and uncle. We arrived around 11:30, and after tucking the twins into bed we had a pleasant chat over glasses of wine.

Today the girls went to an indian cavern, and I went to a pub to meet Owen and Ryan! We had a nice lunch, and it was a treat to meet two more WordPress personalities. (Someone should create #wordpress trading cards so that I can start collecting those of the people I’ve met!) The two burly guys on the other side of the bar shot us quizzical glances for the duration of our (geeky) conversation, finally culminating in undisguised scorn as the three of us whipped out our digital cameras and started taking pictures of one another!

After lunch, I joined Carina’s uncle and we met up with the girls at Chocolate World! It hasn’t changed at all since our trip last year, but it was still a lot of fun. This time is was noticably less busy, which made it more pleasant for me. The twins enjoyed it more this year, too, by all accounts. We stocked up on a lot of sweets at the store, which will undoubtedly be eaten way too fast once we get home.

On our way home tomorrow we’re planning to make a detour to IKEA, to purchase a bunkbed for the twins. I’m sure that Carina will find a great many other things there that we suddenly can’t live without!

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