Home Again, Home Again


Yesterday DrBacchus received in the mail the DVD collection of the first season of the A-Team. He treated us to a few episodes, and we all quite enjoyed watching it: ’80s hair and clothes, vehicles peeling out for no reason, and lots and lots of guns. After that, I convinced DrBacchus to watch The Ewok Adventure, which he had on tape and had never watched. It was simultaneously better and worse than I remembered, and we had a lot of fun riffing on it.

We stayed up late with the sole intent of going to see the midnight show of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. DrBacchus and Jenn had never seen it before, so I was really looking forward to it. Alas – and I should have expected this – the show was sold out. We stood outside in the cold for a bit, alternately admiring and scoffing at all the people waiting in line in nothing but fishnet stockings and garter belts. When no other courses of action suggested themselves, we retired for the night.

This morning we had a leisurely breakfast at Waffle House, then another episode of the A-Team. DrBacchus played his reading of The Courtship of the Yonghy Bonghy Bo by Edward Lear. It was a bizarre, funny little poem and DrBacchus did a fine job. I encourage you all to download his other recordings. I suggested that we make our own recording, but nothing ever developed from that. Maybe next time.

Finally I said my farwells and hit the road for home. A completely uneventful drive resulted in my safe return. I had a great weekend; and now I’m glad to be home.

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