Yesterday afternoon I was thinking, apropos of nothing in particular, that I had never in my life lost my wallet or my keys. This is a big deal to me, and a source of some pride. My wife misplaces her keys all the time, and it’s aggravating to watch her rummage through her gargantuan purse, or tear up the house to find them. She’s lost at least one credit card, and misplaces the others with some regularity. To be fair, she’s gotten a lot better in the last couple of years, but she still misplaces her stuff more than me because she doesn’t have much of a routine. I always place my wallet on my dresser, along with my keys. I always keep my wallet in my back right pocket, and my keys in my front left pocket. I feel agitated if I’m forced to place my wallet or keys someplace different, even if it’s only for a short time. I regularly check my pockets to make sure all my stuff is there. This routine, long past anything that could be called a habit, is how I’ve ensured that I don’t lose my wallet or keys.

Carina even lost her cellphone. At the time I was less than supportive, because I couldn’t understand how one could lose a cellphone.

Last night, while having a beer at Tom’s house, I realized that my Treo was not in my right pocket, where I usually keep it. I had used it earlier that evening at my dad’s house, but could not articulate what I had done with it between the time I last used it and the time I discovered it missing. I went back to dad’s house to look for it, but came up empty handed. I’m hoping it’s in Tom’s house somewhere.

I feel scattered and disconnected without my schedule and contacts. I still have my wallet and keys. At least for the time being…

Update: I suspended the phone, so at least no one will be able to run up my minutes. Of course, they would have had to charge the phone first, since the batteries were depleted. Thankfully, we retained the loss insurance on the Treo, so I can get a replacement phone for $50.

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