Julie Andrews and modems


Carina and I played Trivial Pursuit with Elfboy and Kelly last night. It was the 20th anniversary edition, and it seemed to all of us to be harder than the old Trivial Pursuit we remember. Carina came closest to winning with three pie pieces. Several recurring jokes cropped up (Julie Andrews and modems, for example) that kept us laughing through the entire game.

It brought back a great memory of Trivial Pursuit from when I was a kid. My parents had some friends (or was it relatives?) over for dinner, and afterwards they broke out the (then brand new!) Trivial Pursuit game. I was allowed to play, even though I had no hope of getting many correct answers. But I enjoyed watching the adults have fun, and an infectious good mood passed throughout the room. I remember thoroughly enjoying the adults keep a running joke going, and I was impressed with their creativity at working that joke into all the questions that came up.

Hopefully we can have some more gaming nights. We have Squint, Scrabble, Taboo, and probably a few others.

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