Kick Ass


Our kids are so cool.

Last year Carina and I watched Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (“The Bravehearted will Take the Bride”) at The Wexner Center. We both loved the film, and knew right away that the kids would enjoy it, too.

We recommended the movie to my parents, who got it via Netflix, and then let us borrow it. We we were right: the kids adored it! But we weren’t prepared for the fact that we had to read all the subtitles to them! After three or four viewings, the girls stopped asking us to read everything; though I know this wasn’t because they were able to read it themselves so much as they just enjoyed listening to the Indian language, and the fact that they loved the songs.

For their birthday, Carina’s mom bought them Lagaan, which they watched this afternoon. They read the bulk of the subtitles themselves, and still enjoyed the movie while showing remarkable comprehension of the story.

It never occured to me that subtitled films might provide a learning opportunity for a pair of eight year olds; or that they’d be able to re-inforce their language skills by watching a foreign film.

My kids rock!!

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