one and a half


I’ve been waiting to upgrade until the 1.5.1 release of WordPress, but I just couldn’t wait. The new features are too yummy to wait any longer! There are, of course, still a few warts, and the 1.5.1 release is due shortly. I’ll probably wait until then to upgrade all the other blogs I host.

WordPress 1.5, quite simply, rocks. Static pages, themes, and a slick administrative interface make it a terrific platform for personal publishing. The documentation is coming along nicely, and I hope to contribute to it as I can.

The enhanced plugin API is leaps and bounds above what it was in 1.2. In addition to my own subscribe2 plugin, I’m also using gravatars and RunPHP.

Thanks to the inimitable Jennifer for the theme. She was super patient with all my fussiness, and she did a stellar job.

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