Early last week, for no particular reason, I decided to walk to work. Google Maps claims the distance is exactly three miles. The weather was pleasant – not too cold – so it was not an unpleasant walk. I listened to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars, as read by the LibriVox project. It was a thoroughly engrossing story, and I found myself looking forward to the stroll home from work. The next morning I walked again, and decided – again for no particular reason – to simply walk to work each day. I did, listening to “A Princess of Mars” each way. I found it to be a nice way to start the day, and a good way to unwind after work before getting home.

On Friday, Carina was in an accident and broke our car. The claim is still in process, so we’re not sure what’s going to happen with the car, though Carina seemed to think it was totaled. She revealed later, though, that no fluids were leaking from the engine, so it may all have been body damage (which the insurance company might still use to declare the vehicle a total loss).

My impromptu decision to be a pedestrian seems fortuitously timed, now, as I was already preparing for other ways to avoid driving prior to the accident. We live within walking distance of two grocery stores (one of which is also a full-fledged liquor store!). We’re in walking distance to the library, two coffee shops, and several local diners. Winter is still here, and while it was pleasant last week there’s a thin covering of snow today. I have no doubt that walking to work won’t always be a pleasant experience, especially when it rains, but I’ve decided to commit to doing my best to walking every day. I’ve already loaded up The Gods of Mars onto my iPod, and am looking forward to The Warlord of Mars.

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