I was at Outland last night with some friends, when an attractive young blonde girl approached asking for a lighter. My friend quickly lit her cigarette, and this girl said ‘thank you’ while doing a half-curtsie. The alterno-frat boy next to us looked over and said “You don’t know how much I wanted to do that!” To which I immediately replied “What, you wanted to curtsie to me?” This was, of course, met with a blank stare from him and a good amount of snide laughter from my group of friends. It’s pretty rare that I manage to be funny every time I try to be.

My friend Jay, on the other hand, always seems to enjoy tremendous success with his witty humour. At a recent party, he introduced himself to everyone as Jay From Ohio. That really doesn’t sound at all funny. If I were to introduce myself as Scott From Ohio, most people would smile politely and make a mental note to avoid me as much as possible for the remainder of the evening. Jay, on the other hand, received a very favorable response to this.

I guess part of it is that I just don’t understand exactly how I come across to people. A great example of this is when I’m in a crowd. I try very hard to be a polite person. I don’t just barge through. I always say “Excuse me, please” and try to be as patient as possible. Elfboy always tells me that although I say polite words, my inflection is one that generally sounds extremely pissed off. Instead of a soft, polite “Excuse me”, he tells me it sounds like a booming commandment from God “EXCUSE ME!”.

No doubt something similar happened with the alterno-frat boy last night at Outlands. My witty joke was received as some sort of violent verbal assault. Oh well. I’m sure he’ll get over it.

In a completely different vein, I’ve made a massive update to the content here at Late last week I made an off-hand joke to a friend that wasn’t nearly self-aggrandizing enough. So I spent an entire evening scanning photos of various events. I’ll eventually get around to categorizing these better, and adding the appropriate bits to the World Tour section. Until then, do enjoy laughing at me and my friends!

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