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WordPress categories are great for grouping posts of a similar nature together, but creating a new (sub-)category every time you have a series of posts can be tedious. Sometimes you might not have enough posts in the series to justify a whole new category. Or perhaps each post in the series belongs in seperate categories. Various plugins exist to link posts together by various criteria; but no elegant solution existed to definitively link sequential posts in a series, regardless of when they were posted, or to which categories they belong. Until now!

In-Series provides an easy, future-proof way to connect a series of posts. If you have a series of articles on your site, and you want to ensure your readers can follow the sequence within the series, In-Series will help you provide the links between the posts and articles, improving your site’s navigation.

The plugin creates three new template tags available for use in your theme’s single.php:

Then simply apply two new custom fields to the posts in your series:

Examples are provided in the in-series.txt included in the zip file.

UPDATE: Thanks to Lorelle for spotting an error with sorting long tables of contents; and to ColdForged and necrotic for their help pointing me toward the solution. Version 1.2 is now available. UPDATE: Thanks to Lorelle for the suggestion to make a table of contents! Version 1.1 includes the new function series_table_of_contents(). UPDATE: Thanks to Monika for alerting me to an error in series_table_of_contents. This is fixed, and version 1.3 is now available for download. UPDATE: Version 1.4 is now available for download. It fixes a flaw in the sorting of posts in a series. UPDATE: Version 1.5 is now available. Thanks to io_error for pointing out that previous versions incorrectly included draft posts in the series. Also added $before and $after to series_table_of_contents(). UPDATE: Version 1.6 is now available. Thanks again to io_error for pointing out that static pages were excluded from series. You can now construct a series composed of posts and pages.

Download In-Series 1.6!

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