While running errands with Tayler the other day, the following conversation took place: Tayler: Where were you born? skippy: Not too far from grandma and grandpa’s house. Tayler: Oh yeah. At the hospital. skippy: Yup, right here in lovely Columbus. Tayler: You don’t look American. skippy (surprised): I don’t? Tayler: No. You look Scottish.

We both roared with laughter. I was really impressed with the pun.

The kids have been inquisitive since the day I met them, and I’ve always valued their desire to understand the world around them. They’re not at all ashamed or reluctant to ask “What does that mean?” Indeed, they’re often eager to ask it, which means that Carina and I spend a lot of time explaining things.

When they were younger, these questions were usually easy to answer. I think, overall, I did a pretty good job explaining some complex concepts to the kids in ways that they could understand. As they mature, though, the kinds of questions they ask are becoming more sophisticated, and I think they deserve more thorough answers. It’s increasingly challenging to answer their questions in a way that doesn’t itself introduce more questions.

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