Snakes on everything


I first heard about Snakes on a Plane from Steve Ely in one of the introductions to an EscapePod story. Snakes on a Plane is quite possibly the best title of any movie, ever: you know going in exactly what the movie will be about, and you’re eager to see how it develops. It stars Samuel L. Jackson, so even if it’s a bad movie, it should still be fun!

Driving home from an errand tonight, I saw a truck with the license plate “SN8KES”. I immediately thought “Snakes on a truck!”, and was reminded of the time recently when I tried to convince my friends that Snakes on a Plane was going to be a great movie: we spent well over an hour imagining viable permutations of the “Snakes on a…” theme.

Mike has a unique idea for an airplane movie (no snakes involved), but I won’t spoil it before he’s ready to go public.

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