Soulless Software


I registered more than a year ago, in response to a comment I made that all software is soulless. I had intended to use the domain, originally, to display a tongue-in-cheek site for a fictitious development firm producing bland, boring software. I never got around to doing that, and instead used the domain to try out various Habari ideas I had. I’ve finally decided to use it to showcase all my Habari plugin efforts – so I guess you could say that it’s showing boring, bland software after all! ;)

Folks who are interested in Habari development, and the plugins I write, should visit Soulless Software. I’ll still continue to write about Habari here, but it’ll be the more social, less technical, aspects of Habari. Soulless Software will be for the more technical discussions.

I currently have three plugins published there: recent tracks, which displays the last X number of tracks you’ve listened to at; Persistence of Memory, which allows you to remain logged into your Habari site for up to a month; and Habari Backup, which emails you a backup of your Habari database every day.

I also have a few blog posts about making Habari do what you want it to do. I have a few more drafts I’m working on, and will publish soon. If you have any Habari development issues you’d like covered, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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