Subscribe2 2.1.7


UPDATED Subscribe2 version 2.1.7a is now available!

Localization files are available here.

This version adds a new column to the database table to store the date on which a user subscribed. This date will be displayed on the “Manage Subscribers” page. You can use this to determine which of your unconfirmed subscribers are stale and unlikely to actually confirm. Thanks to Viper007Bond for the idea!

This version also fixes a major flaw with the way I was handling batched subscribers for Dreamhost users. Until now, subscribe2 was inadvertently discarding any subscribers beyond the last full batch. For example, if you had 80 subscribers, subscribe2 would create two batches of 30 users each, and silently discard the last 20 subscribers when sending mail!

I sincerely apologize for this terrible oversight.

Barring any major problems, this is likely to be the last release of subscribe2 until WordPress 2.0 comes out, at which time I will release subscribe2 2.2. If you’d like to beta test the new version – assuming you still trust me to write plugins! – please contact me.

Many thanks to Gary Powell for explaining the problem in a way that finally made sense to me, and his extreme patience as I diagnosed the cause!

Update: The original 2.1.7 download did not correctly create the table for new installations. This has been resolved.

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