subscribe2 2.2


I’m pleased to announce the release of subscribe2 2.2!

This version has been written to work with WordPress 2.0 (indeed, it will only work with WordPress 2.0), and includes a number of significant changes. Most exciting of all is the elimination of the subscribe.php helper file. subscribe2 now uses a simple token, <!–subscribe2–>, inside the body of any WordPress Page to display the form and handle confirmation requests. This should (hopefully) put an end to the sidebar and theme issues!

Additionally, version 2.2 trims down the complexity of the Options screen, and presents a vastly improved Management page. You can review your subscriber list in a number of ways, based on public versus registered user, as well per-category. You can send an email to various combinations of your subscribers under the Write->Mail Subscribers menu.

This version also provides some compelling reasons for your readers to become registered users of your blog. First, registered users can subscribe to notifications on a per-category basis. Second, registered users can select between plaintext excerpts, plaintext full post, and HTML full post email delivery. Third, you, the admin, can allow your registered users to subscribe to categories excluded to the general public.

The general public – that is, subscribers who are not registered users of the blog – will now only receive plaintext excerpt deliveries.

Be advised that subscribe2 will now send at least one email for each combination of:

Please be sure to read the README.TXT in the zip for instructions and frequently asked questions!

My sincere thanks to Dan, Laundro, and Matt for beta testing and providing invaluable feedback.

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