subscribe2 2.2.1


subscribe2 2.2.1 is now available!

This version fixes several problems from the last release:

In addition, subscribe2 2.2.1 should now send notification emails for future-dated posts! This requires the use of my WP-Cron plugin. If you have WP-Cron activated, subscribe2 2.2.1 will detect it, and automatically send notification emails to your subscribers roughly an hour after the post(s) become visible.

Better still, subscribe2 2.2.1 offers support for daily digests of all new posts from the previous day. Again, this feature requires WP-Cron. To enable this feature, simply edit line 46 in subscribe2.php and change the FALSE to TRUE. At the start of each new day, your subscribers will receive a summary of new posts from the previous day, in the following format:

Important note: WordPress 2.0 has a minor problem with the default caching mechanism. In order for future-dated posts and daily digests to work properly, you must use WordPress 2.01 or later. Any support requests for these features from users of WordPress 2.0 will be completely ignored.

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