Subscribe2 Development


I’ve begun working on the next version of subscribe2, version 2.2.0. This version will only work with WordPress 2.0 and above (whenever it’s released).

Read on for a quick run-down of some of the new features.

Obviously, subscribe2 provides some real incentives for readers to sign up to become registered users of the blog. To further encourage that, and to make some of the coding decisions easier, subscribe2 will remove some options for the general public:

These changes will result in subscribe2 generating more mail per post, as it sends mail for each combination of plaintext/excerpt, plaintext/full text, html/excerpt, and html/full text. For most users this won’t be a problem, but I’ve received a few support requests from users of really restrictive hosts that limit that number of emails allowed per hour (yuck!).

Development is slow, but steady. I hope to have version 2.2.0 ready as close to the release of WordPress 2.0 as possible.

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