That's My Girl


Angela and I went to pick up Josie from daycare on Friday. It’s always a treat for Josie when we both arrive to collect her at the end of the day. Her face lights up, and she hugs us both enthusiastically.

While Josie was putting on her shoes, the daycare provider lowered her voice and said “Something happened yesterday that I forgot to tell you about. Josie said something several times, and I couldn’t figure out what she was saying. When I did finally understand, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how you two would have wanted to respond…” Her voice trailed off a bit, and my blod pressure rose a little. What could Josie have done?

Her vocabulary has been absolutely amazing lately, and she seems to learn new words almost hourly. With her newfound communication skills, she’s also become more than a little bossy. She says polite words in a not-so-polite tone of voice (“No thank you!”), so I was worried that she had learned a not-so-polite word and had used it at daycare.

The daycare provider looked at Angela and I for consent to repeat what Josie had said, which we nervously gave. Then she raised her arms out in front of her and said in a half-guttural moan “Zombie. Zombie”.

Angela and I both burst out laughing, and I gave Josie a high-five. That’s my girl!

“Scott has been working on that with Josie for weeks!” Angela said to the daycare provider. She was obviously relieved that this was acceptable behaviour for Josie.

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