the calm before the storm


When I say “I love to travel” what I really mean to say is “I love being someplace different”. I actually hate the travel part of travelling. Being somewhere is awesome, it’s the getting there that sucks.

I loathe airports with all of my being. I loathe how selfish and impatient the world at large is when they’re in an airport. We all want the same thing: to get on our flight and to have a pleasant, uneventful travel experience. But for some reason everyone in the world thinks that they have some exclusive claim on this wish, and that everyone else is an impediment to their pleasant travel experience.

This will be my first trip abroad since the enactment of all the new travel security measures, so it will be interesting to see how these affect folks’ attitudes and behaviours. I’m hoping that the TSA has had enough time to finally start getting its act together that the (so-called) security process will be mostly smooth and uneventful. We’ll see…

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