the wrath of nations


The Wrath of Nations: Civilization and the Furies of Nationalism by William Pfaff Publisher: Touchstone (1994) ISBN: 0671892487

This was a very challenging book for me to read. The writing is dense, often obtuse. It covers a great deal of history and culture, and presents, on the whole, a fairly sober, balanced view of the progression of politics and political thought. Pfaff’s comments about nationalism are thought-provoking. He draws together historical events and highlights the long-term effects of a system of interconnected causes.

I highlighted a great many passages, some of which are presented here for your consumption. These should give a feel for the material, and should hopefully be thought-provoking enough to encourage others to read this book.

Chapter One: Nationalism

Chapter Two: Nations and Nationalism

Chapter Three: Internationalism

Chapter Four: Hapsburg and Ottoman Internationalism

Chapter Five: The Ottoman Aftermath

Chapter Six: Asian and African Nationalism

Chapter Seven: American Nationalism

Chapter Eight: Liberal Internationalism

Chapter Nine: Progress

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