Three Decades


I celebrate my thirtieth birthday today. That’s 10,950 days on the planet. I did what most people do to mark such an occasion: I put on a big silly hat and went bowling! I had a great time, and was truly touched by the friendship and love given to me by my friends and family. I am who I am today because of them, and their continued participation in my life.

I am constantly amazed at how much better life gets as I get older. The joy of marrying a woman I care so deeply for; the intense comfort of a hug from a sleepy child; the profound pride of watching the girls learn to ride their bikes, or even just brave the deep end of the swimming pool – these are all wonderful experiences that I’d never have been able to appreciate in my youth. Actually, it’s more than that – it’s not just that I wouldn’t have appreciate the depth of emotion. I wouldn’t have respected it much, because it wouldn’t have meant anything to me.

The next decade promises to be filled with even more adventure and excitement. Just before my fortieth birthday, I’ll have been teaching the twins to drive. Check back then to see if I’ve changed my mind on anything! =)

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