tiny feet, huge victory


What a weekend! I played Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday with my friends. I’ve been running a campaign for them for some months, and the action is finally starting to pick up. I’ve been intentionally slow with the combat, and with the rewards, because I want them to really flesh out the characters so that we can enjoy some fun role-playing instead of just fun dice-rolling. I want the players to really feel a part of the world at large, and to have some real motivation for their actions. It’s paying off, and I’m really excited about it! We played for about six hours, and it was an absolute delight to watch the players approach – and conquer – a variety of challenges thrown at them! I’m energized to keep the campaign going, and I think the players are, too.

While I was gaming Carina took the twins to the indoor pool. Boy did I miss out! Tyler braved the diving boards for the first time, starting on the small 3’ platform and working her way up to the 10’ platform. She even did a few flips! At this rate, she’ll be doing a triple Lindy in no time! Tyler was bursting with enthusiasm to tell me all about it when she came home. Tayler, always the more cautious of the two, stepped onto the diving board but never actually jumped off, instead climbing back down. Carina was observing, not swimming, so I think if a parent waits for her in the pool she’ll take the plunge.

I was eager to see the diving for myself, so we all prepared to go back to the indoor pool on Sunday. In a burst of parental insight, I called ahead to make sure they were open. Curses! The indoor pool is closed on Sundays! The kids - swimsuits on and towels at the ready - were heartbroken. We all moped around a bit, trying to figure out what to do. Somehow, free samples at Sam’s Club just didn’t cut the mustard. Out of nowhere, I suggested roller skating. Roller skating! I hadn’t been roller skating since grade school! The girls were enthralled at the prospect, so it was decided.

What a hoot! Tyler was a little rag doll, flying around the loop flailing her arms and wiggling her entire lower half, but somehow she managed to stay up more often then not. She didn’t complain a single time, and once when she fell I heard her say out loud to herself “I’m not giving up.” Way to go, Tyler! Tayler was extremely unsteady on her feet, and spent most of her time in the ‘beginners rink’ in the middle of the skating loop. She fell down a lot, and I’m sure that if I fell that much I’d’ve broken something! She was a trooper though, always picking herself up and trying again. We had an absolute ball, and the girls, clearly exhausted, were filled with enthusiasm and happiness. We crowded into the photo booth and made faces for the silly low-resolution pictures:  

We played Skee-Ball and skated our guts out. The girls were extremely reluctant to leave, and asked the entire ride home if we could come back the next day, or the next weekend.

Family days rock!

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