Speakeasy, my DSL provider, is foisting a mandatory upgrade on me. I can upgrade my existing service, at no charge (plus I get a new free modem, which I don’t need), or I can upgrade into their OneLink service with free hardware and a free month of service.

I love my Speakeasy service. I have loved it since I got it. I am extremely hesitant to change anything about the service, it’s been that good for me. But the VoIP offering is appealing. It offers free long distance, including overseas calls to 22 countries. That’s pretty neat (even if I don’t have anyone to call!).

The big drawback to the OneLink, that I can see, is that you can only connect a single physical telephone to the line. That will be somewhat impractical in our house.

Does anyone have any experience with Speakeasy OneLink? Is it great? Does it suck? Should I just take the regular hardware upgrade, and pass on the VoIP for now?

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