Whacking Google


I received a suspicious looking email tonight. It was from someone I didn’t know using a hotmail account. The display name (the bit between the quotes) was wildly different from the email address (which isn’t too uncommon for hotmail accounts), and it was signed by a different pair of names altogether. It had the suspicious subject line “…”.

To my surprise the response came shortly. I can’t post the specific terms used to produce the googlewhack, else Google will see them and catalog this post alongside the whack, and thus ruin the whole thing.

And just today I was feeling blue because there’s a program called skippy which is beating me in Google’s rankings. Just to spite them, I used nofollow on that link, even though I’m squarely in the no-nofollow camp.

Learning about the Googlewhack cheered me right up!
I wish the whack were a single post but it is, in fact, a monthly archive.

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