With a rebel yell


I promised photos of the kids’ new playhouse, and here they are! Front view: Back view:

And now for a quick birthday summary.

Carina bought me Blazing Saddles on DVD, and the twins bought me Airplane! and Airplane II on DVD – three of my favorite movies! We had a nice dinner at The Spaghetti Warehouse with my dad, then we went to Cord Camera to purchase my new camera: a Canon Digital Rebel XT! Alas, they were out of stock on Tuesday, but several were being delivered on Wednesday, so I had to wait a day.

I’m still learning the camera, but I’m delighted by it. The quality is wonderful! I took it to work with me on Wednesday for a few snaps, but it wasn’t until Friday that I really got a chance to take a lot of pictures. We had a cookout Friday night, so I harassed everyone by taking lots of photos! ;)

When the sun went down we broke out the sparklers. The new camera did a fantastic job of taking pictures in the low light, and I had some fun with long exposures, too. You can see the photos on Flickr. This was my favorite one:

It was a good birthday, and I’m grateful for the most wonderful present of all: the love and support of my family and friends.

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