WordPress Bug Hunt: 2005-11-05


You are invited to the WordPress Bug Hunt on Saturday, November 5th, 2005!

Whether you’re a die-hard WordPress hacker or just looking to gain some familiarity with WordPress internals, we need your help! Join us in #wordpress-bugs on irc.freenode.net as we triage and eliminate as many bugs as possible. Work with us to confirm bugs, submit and test patches, and generally geek out.

All you need to bring is a text editor, and an installation of WordPress 1.6-ALPHA-2-still-dont-use! We’ll provide the snacks, and manage the schedule. Here’s a short list of links to installing WordPress on your workstation for development purposes:

We’ll start as soon as you arrive, so please be prompt!

See WordPress Bug Hunts on the Codex for additional information! This looks to be a recurring effort, so if you can’t attend this one, stay tuned for future Bug Hunts!

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