Earlier today I unsubscribed from all the WordPress mailing lists. I’ve terminated my dircproxy sitting in #wordpress. I’ve just now sent a note to Matt asking him to revoke my forum and trac privileges.

I still think that WordPress is a pretty groovy piece of software; but I don’t like the power structure behind that software. I’ve stated publicly that I don’t see a lot of leadership from Matt; and that I disagree not only with many of the decisions, but how they’re made. Matt’s reply didn’t really address many of the issues I raised, which is pretty typical from him; and is no small part of my frustration. Despite his claim that “this discussion is important to have,” there’s been no follow-up since his jaunt to SXSW. I can only infer that this means that substantive changes are unlikely to occur.

WordPress hasn’t been much fun for me, lately. When things stop being fun, it’s time to reconsider your involvement with them. So as of right now, I’m no longer a WordPress hacker. No longer a plugin author. I’m just a lowly user, at the whim of wherever AutocraticAutomattic takes things.

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