WP-DB-Backup under new management


Il Filosofo was the first to contact me about picking up maintenance of wp-db-backup, so the backup plugin will live on! If you’d like to help Il Filosofo, or if you just want to send feature requests, contact him directly, please!

Matt clarifies the security issues, which is to say that there are no known security issues with wp-db-backup at this time.

Ryan complains about the plugin, saying “That was the third security fix for wp-db-backup since it was introduced to core. It is unmaintained, and I’m tired of fielding the email it generates.” I must not be privvy to the first two security announcements about my plugin – maybe they’re posted for public review on a whiteboard at the Automattic compound somewhere. As for dropping it because they’re tired of the email it generates, boy it must be nice to weild supreme executive power like that. Heavens know there were plenty of questions I was sick of answering on the support forums – a sentiment shared by all of the support forum volunteers, I’d wager – but never did I have the luxury of simply removing the problem.

There were some very nice comments on my Autocrattic post, and some very well-thought-out opinions were put forward. Thanks for the kind words, the support, and the temperance of calm reason.

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