Yo Mama


We were relaxing on the front porch the other night, enjoying the cool evening air and a little quiet family time when, completely unbidden, a “Yo Mama” joke popped into my head. I shared it aloud because I think everyone enjoys a good “Yo Mama” joke, and because I didn’t think the kids would have heard too many of them.

Boy was I wrong! Within five minutes, both the kids had rattled off more “Yo Mama” jokes than I could remember, and most of them were actually quite funny.

To my surprise, Tess shared that she has a "Yo Mama” widget on her iGoogle home page! It turns out that the boys in her class execute old school snaps competitions, where they stand opposite one another and rattle off “Yo Mama” insults to the delight of the onlooking crowd. To make sure she stays up to date, Tess reviews the “Yo Mama” joke of the day every day.

Do please share your favorite “Yo Mama” jokes in the comments, so I can share them back with the kids!

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