Four Things

I don't usually do these memes, but Jennifer tagged me so I guess that's like an internet double dog dare, or something...

Four jobs that I’ve had

Four movies I can watch over and over

Four places I have lived

My parents live in the only house they've ever owned. I lived there, until I got my first apartment in college. I lived in a several apartments throughout my college career, until moving to Lima for a job. I lived there just under a year, after which I came back to Columbus. I rented an apartment in Clintonville before buying a house there. I really like Clintonville.

Four TV shows I like to watch

I generally don't watch television, though. Apart from Babylon 5, the list reflects shows that I would watch if they were available to me.

Four foods that I like

Four websites I visit daily

I subscribe to a lot of feeds though, because I vastly prefer to read new items in my aggregator. I don't know why I haven't added either the Debian or Ubuntu planets to my aggregator yet.

Four things I want to do before I die

Four people I’m tagging


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