London 2018 - Day Five

We had no specific plans for Wednesday, so we took our time getting ready in the morning, then walked through the city farm across the street. Josie loved looking at the animals, and took dozens of photos of them. Angela and I were both amused by Josie's fascination with regular farm animals that can be found just as easily at home.

Angela wanted to check out Banglatown, a section of London with a heavy concentration of Bengali residents and shops. Along the way we walked through Brick Lane and admired a lot of interesting graffiti.  We had some Bangladeshi food for lunch, and continued our leisurely stroll. It was nice to not have a particular destination, and to just enjoy being in the city.

We eventually did decide upon a destination: the dragon statue in the banking district. Before we left, Josie checked out a couple of books from the library about London. One of them was a great little "sites for kids" book, told from the point of view of a young girl traveling with her mom. One of the sites that caught Josie's attention was a statue of a dragon. We thought we wrote a note down to remind us where this specific statue was, but upon arrival in London we found only a vague reference to a statue at the bank! We decided we had ample time to wander, and if we found the dragon then we'd be happy; and if not we'd have a good time simply exploring.

We found what we think was the target statue, and called it a success.  We were all a little tired from all the day's walking, so we made our way back to the flat by bus and had a quiet evening together.


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