New DVD Player

My new DVD player is unstoppable! a DVD player a DVD player a DVD player a DVD player

It came with a remote control: a remote control

and wireless headphones: headphones headphones

and output jacks: audio output jacks

And it seats seven! passenger cabin in a Honda Odyssey minivan driver's seat in a Honda Odyssey minivan

Yes, we bought a Honda Odyssey. We've been eyeing a new car for some months now, and when the clutch went out on my aging Nissan Altima, our decision was made. We've had the Odyssey for only a few days, but already we've all fallen in love with it.

It's superb to be able to drive somewhere without the kids being right on top of one another; that alone was the biggest initial benefit. The DVD player is also extremely helpful, as we take some lengthy trips to visit Carina's relatives. We're now looking forward to some of the long drives we've made -- as well as anticipating even longer drives! The kids are far less likely to be bored on the trips now, and Carina and I can enjoy various books-on-CD without having to wait for the kids to fall asleep in order to do so, since the DVD player and the CD player (seemingly) work independent of one another.

We drove the van to Cleveland this weekend, for a family reunion. It was, without doubt, the most pleasant long-ish trip we've taken as a family. Everyone had room to move without jostling anyone else, even though we also had Carina's brother with us. On the trip home today both of the twins fell asleep, quite possibly for the first time in as comfortable a position as is possible in a vehicle. Normally one falls asleep atop the other and all manner of bickering ensues.

H logo on the front of a Honda Odyssey minivan


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