r0x0r! sux0r!

My parents took the twins for the weekend, allowing Carina and I to have several uninterrupted conversations in a row. Friday we zonked out early, but made up for that abuse of free time by having a leisurely Saturday morning. Dad called us to meet him and the twins at Nancy's Kitchen, the local greasy spoon, for breakfast. $10 for gut-bursting meals for all five of us, plus quarters for each of the girls to take home to put in their piggy banks. I love Nancy's Kitchen. They do one thing -- feed you -- and they do it well. They don't muck about with finery or expansionism or anything else.

Saturday afternoon I played D&D with my friends for several hours, while Carina revamped her blog. After the gaming, I took the missus to the Thurman Cafe for the legendary Thurman Burger. As expected she failed to finish hers, but to her credit she gave it the college try. It's hard to polish off the 3/4 pound patty AND the pound of ham AND the mushrooms and onions and sauce. Fully stuffed, we relaxed at home for a bit before heading out to watch 2003-09-01 12:00

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